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Mold Remediation-Franklin, TN

Mold needs four ingredients to develop; a food source, oxygen, optimum temperatures, and moisture. On most properties, three of those ingredients are present throughout the building. But when water damage occurs and provides that crucial fourth ingredient, that is when mold growth can develop.

Dealing with a mold infestation is critical to maintaining the indoor air quality of the home or business. Mold spores can spread throughout interior spaces, attach to other surfaces, or be breathed in by residents or tenants. The price of ignoring a mold problem could be a bad cough, runny nose, allergies, or severe asthma attacks for those with respiratory issues. Plus, the damage that can occur to building materials like drywall or flooring may be substantial.

When your Nashville or Franklin, TN home or commercial building is exposed to a mold issue, your number one priority is to mitigate the problem as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the more likely mold spores are to spread and create a bigger health hazard.

Mold remediation services from Nashville Water Damage Restoration can kill mold infestations in Franklin homes or commercial buildings and prevent future growth.

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Appliance Leak

Most properties contain multiple appliances that use water. If a malfunction occurs, a water leak could follow, flooding the space and creating an environment for mold to grow.

Natural Disasters

Heavy rains or flooding can cause water to seep into your home, overwhelming the sump pump. This could leave moisture in hard-to-reach areas where mold can develop, such as a crawl space or attic.

Frozen Pipes

In colder climates, moisture in pipes can freeze and expand, causing them to burst. This will result in a leak somewhere in the building, providing that fourth ingredient that mold needs to thrive.

Old Fixtures

Showers, sinks, faucets, and other water fixtures are common culprits when water damage occurs. Keeping these features updated to avoid a moisture problem can prevent mold growth.

Home and Commercial Mold Remediation

A quick response is necessary to protect the health of those who live or work on your property. Call us immediately if you discover a mold problem.

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Why Choose Us for Mold Remediation?

Handling a mold infestation is not as simple as removing visible mold from the affected surfaces. A lot more goes into the process when it is done by our professional technicians.

Thorough Mold Inspection

Discovering the extent of the issue is necessary to eliminate the problem completely. With efficient testing equipment, our team will locate all traces of mold on the property during the inspection, as well as the source of the moisture that is causing the infestation. The more thoroughly we test the property, the more mold we can eliminate.

Certified Professionals

Homeowners and commercial property owners shouldn’t have to accept a poorly done project. Our crew is stocked with certified experts in the field of mold remediation, and the quality work that we do is what you need to preserve your property and restore possessions that have been affected by mold or fungus. If you hire us, we will use our deep knowledge to rid your Tennessee investment of any mold issues. The Better Business Bureau has recognized our commitment to client satisfaction.

Powerful Equipment

From the initial mold inspection to the removing process and sanitation, the mold clean-up aspect requires specific equipment that can get the job done. Over the years, we have acquired the necessary tools for mold testing, removal, and cleaning so that your Franklin or Nashville, TN homes and companies can be made safe again.

Remodeling Services

In some cases, the extent of the water damage and mold infestation ruin building materials beyond repair. Fortunately, we offer remodeling services as well to return the property to its pre-loss condition. Instead of dealing with the hassle of hiring another contractor or company to work on your house or business, we can do it for you.

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Mold Removal in Franklin, Tennessee

When you need help with a Middle Tennessee mold remediation project, our services in Nashville can provide the service you need.

From testing and inspection to removing and cleaning, our company will respond to your emergency request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will even communicate directly with your insurance company to determine how much of the project will be covered by your policy.

Call us today for assistance with your Middle Tennessee mold job at 615-240-5373 to preserve the integrity of your property and keep the air in the building pure and breathable.

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Nashville mold remediation

How To Get The Best Mold Remediation Results

Thorough Drying

Our goal is to return your property to its pre-loss condition so that your quality of life is not affected for too long. If water has damaged your building materials or possessions, we will make sure that everything from carpeting to drywall is dried out so that it can work correctly again.

Promoting Safety

Additionally, we want to prioritize your safety. Water removal is necessary to prevent mold, which can adversely affect the health of those in the building. Our company in Nashville will work tirelessly to clear the property of mold and attack the source of the issue that caused it.

Avoid Common DIY Mistakes

You can attempt to repair water damage, fire damage, or a mold problem yourself, and many property owners are tempted to do so. However, in many cases, they lack the knowledge or equipment to do the job well. Though you may think you are saving money on restoration services, you could end up paying a higher price if you miss some of the mold, both with your health and with your bank account.

Call The Pros

Your best bet is to rely on the experts instead. Whether you need assistance restoring your home or commercial buildings to their original state, let us be your first call. We can help with water damage repairs, fire restoration, and mold removal/remediation, serving the Greater Nashville area. Our expertise and equipment can save your property, protect your health, and prevent long-term damage that may cost you even more in the future.

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HOME & BUSINESS Mold Remediation SErvices

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